Neill Bolton
Your local web developer, travel bug, vegan, anime fan, and entrepreneur.

Hi there. My name is Neill Bolton.

I'm a software developer and serial entrepreneur, addicted to making cool stuff with awesome people.

Feel free to browse through this site or my resume and send me an email if you'd like to chat.

Surf Air
Jun '12 - Jan '13 - Santa Monica
Brought on as the second engineering hire and responsible for all frontend development of Surf Air's website and mobile apps.
Dec '14 - Aug '15 - Los Angeles
Founding full-stack engineering hire at an early-stage startup in an industry I'm passionate about. Responsible for overseeing most engineering efforts from our frontend javascript to the backend algorithms and native app development.
Private Internet Access
July '15 - Dec '15 - New York City
Contracted to update the company's desktop client applications.
Data Mining
Helping people lead healthier lives by designing complete, personalized daily meal plans.
A high-end real estate marketplace.
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